Knowing Japan through Kyoto
Let us learn, play, connect and grow through Kyo-Clue

Kyo-Clue is a culture experience program based in Kyoto. We offer a variety of courses from cultural immersion for Japanese beginners to field trip and events for international students living in Japan.

  • 12 Days Program

    12 Days Program
    With Kyo-Clue 12 days program, you will be learning Japanese while exploring Kyoto and its culture.
  • 2 Days Program

    2 Days Program
    “Eating is living". Discover Japanese traditional cuisine in all its details "
  • Manga exchange program

    Cultural Activities for Foreign Students in Japan
    Seven day study tour program for Japanese language students who love Manga to facilitate their cultural understanding.
  • Cultural Experience for Groups

    Cultural Experience for Groups
    Kyoto is home to numerous universities, vocational schools and also advanced technology industries. We organize trainings and internships for groups in universities and companies in the city.

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