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Climate & Weather in Kyoto

The climate of the Kyoto Basin is typical of an interior basin, with large differences in temperature between humid subtropical summer and penetratingly cold winter, day and night. The popular seasons to visit Kyoto are spring and autumn, but you can still enjoy Kyoto at any time of year, as described below. 


Spring in Kyoto 

Spring is the most popular time for tourists and it lasts until the end of May to early June. This is the season when people flock to Kyoto to be amused by its astonishingly beautiful cherry blossoms. Temperatures at this time can be slightly less predictable when compared with autumn, falling between 10°C to 15°C, but mostly you can bask in warm and pleasant weather. Besides, both fiscal and academic year in Japan starts from April 1st, so you can find exuberant freshness in every corner of the country at this time of year. Kyoto never fails to please you with its dazzling beauty and liveliness. Is there a more appealing place to savor this season than Kyoto? 


Summer in Kyoto 

Following the rainy season from around mid-June to July, here comes the summer. Summer temperatures can rise to nearly 40°C, and its notorious humidity and heat shapes the season. However, no matter how terrible the weather sounds, it never means Kyoto in the summer is not worth a visit. On the contrary, this is the season full of traditional events that you should never miss. For instance, Gion Festival is the biggest festival of the year and takes place during the second half of July. Also, as this is the low season for tourism, you do not need to worry about crowded places. Hotels can be a bargain. If you want to relish the historic events with less cost, visiting Kyoto in summer must be your choice! 


Autumn in Kyoto 

Late September to mid-November is an especially good time to visit Kyoto. You can enjoy comfortable weather with cool breeze and clear sky. The average temperature in September is about 25°C: less than 20°C in October and 10-15°C in November. With such a pleasant climate, you can enjoy autumn leaves that last until mid-November  and provide an impressive backdrop to Kyoto’s historic places. Let the striking scenery catch your eyeballs, and the autumn aroma fill you up. You will surely understand that autumn in Kyoto never exhausts to appeal to your senses and capture your heart.


Winter in Kyoto 

Winter lasts from late November to early March, with average temperatures ranging from -6°C to 7°C. As the temperature frequently goes below freezing at night, and it occasionally snows, winter months in Kyoto are not considered ideal for a trip. However, do not let such frosty weather and flurries of snow keep you away from this beautiful city. Every cloud has a silver lining. Just imagine a historic temple and its beautiful Japanese garden covered with white snow. You can immerse yourself in the tranquility with nothing interrupting your contemplation. If you are seeking serenity or quietness in Kyoto, winter will be your best time to visit.

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