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Why Called “Kyo-Clue”?

Kyo-Clue, a combination of “Kyoto” and “Clue,” has been so named to let you find a clue about what goes on in Kyoto. Kyoto is the recipient of the “World’s Best City Award” last year from Travel + Leisure magazine. The number of international visitors coming to Japan has doubled during the past decade, reaching 10 million in 2013. We hope that our Kyo-Clue enables you to develop your language skills through immersion in culture and living experience.


The Feature of Kyo-Clue:

Kyo-Clue is a culture experience program based in Kyoto. We offer different types of courses from cultural immersion to field trips. Our twelve days program lets you discover Kyoto as you learn Japanese and try different cultural activities. Our two days program will open your senses to traditional cuisine and the cultural habits related to food in Kyoto and in Japan. We also organize events and cultural experiences for international students living in Japan. 


Kyo-Clue Offers:

With the range of activities offered by Kyo-Clue, you can:

1. Improve your skills in Japanese.

2. Experience Japanese culture and learn Japanese history.

3. Make friends with Kyoto locals and “Japan enthusiasts.”

4. Broaden your perspective.

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