Protection of your Personal Data

All of your personal data, which is sent to us during the application process, will be treated as strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of your application. Your personal data, such as email address and telephone numbers, will not be passed on to any third party who is not involved in the Kyo-Clue Program.

1. Personal information

First name:*

Last name:*




2. Contact information


Skype ID:


Preferred contact method:*

Home Address:

Street Address*


State / Province / Region*

ZIP / Postal Code*


3. Application information

Chosen program:*

Preferred start date:*

Japanese level:*

Reason to study Japanese:

Experience of learning Japanese: Since when, for how long, how often:

Program expectations:

How did you find out about the Kyo-Clue Program?:

Do you know anyone else who you think would like to be contacted about Kyo-Clue Program?:


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4. Confirmation

Kyo-Clue Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Kyo-Clue (hereinafter called “this Program”) organized by the International Community Club, you agree to comply with and to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please review the following terms carefully.

Definitions within this Agreement
The term “ICC”, "us", "we", or "our" refers to the International Community Club, a non-profit organization accredited by Kyoto City Government. The term "you" and "your” refers to the participant or the applicant.

(Objective and Qualification)
Term 1
This Program is exclusively designed for the international members of the ICC and aims to improve their Japanese proficiency and understanding of Japanese cultures.

Term 2
A contract is established when you have filled in all the necessary information on our member registration forms and the application forms of this program 50 days before the first day of the program and completed payment of all the fees (including 1000 yen membership fee) 30 days before the first day of the program.

(Duration of the Program)
Term 3
This Program shall be held at the time and place designated by the ICC.

(Participation Fee and self-financed items)
Term 4
I. The Program fees shall be clearly stated in the Application Notice of each session.
II. Fees and charges which are not stated in the Application Notice shall all be self-financed items which are to be paid by the Participant.

(Termination of this Contract and Agreement)
Term 5
Refer to the Application Notice for any details regarding the Termination of this Agreement

(Travel Insurance)
Term 6  
You shall purchase your own travel insurance. We shall be not liable to the damages or accidents that are not caused by us.

Term 7
I. You shall be held responsible for traffic accidents, fires, sickness, injuries, thieves, cheaters and loss of property. You shall be careful not to trouble other Participants.
II. In case of any unmentioned items and divergence of interpretation, the ICC and the Participant shall resolve by consultation in compliance with the Japanese laws and legal procedures. Under necessary circumstances, any dispute caused by this Term shall be submitted to a Kyoto local court for further judgment.

I understand that there is a fee for this program/course.

I agree to the terms and conditions.

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