12 Days Program

To enjoy a Tempura, a Japanese deep fried dish, you have to bite the crispy crust and taste its juicy core. By its aspect, you can not tell Tempura’s main ingredient texture.
In the same manner, you have to know more than the superficial aspects to understand Japanese culture.
Our 12 days program main theme is Japanese cooking. By learning about food culture, we hope it will help you enrich your insights on Japan and, like a Tempura, taste its core.
  • Manga Workshop

    Many international students have started to learn Japanese because of their love for manga. So, to answer their wishes of experiencing manga-making in the manga paradise of Japan, we organized a manga workshop.
  • Experiencing Noh

    Many Japanese people think that Noh is difficult or hard to understand or even boring although they have never actually seen it. Therefore, we took international students to a field trip to Kawamura Noh theater so that we could wipe out such prejudgments and enjoy Noh while learning about the respectful culture of this art.
  • Visit Sumo Dojo

    There are not so many opportunities in a daily life to get close to Sumo, so to know more about the Japanese national sport, we had an aspiring sumo wrestler, Ota-san as a lecturer and he gave international students a very interesting lesson.
  • Learning Japanese

    One focus of the 12 days program of Kyo-Clue is learning Japanese. You will have Japanese lessons taught by our experienced teachers.
  • Learning Japanese Cooking

    Japanese cooking
    “Eating is living” - Food is deeply-rooted in people’s daily life, and is also a good gateway to understand the culture of a nation.
  • Cultural Activities

    With its unique geographical advantages and long history of development, Kyoto has nurtured its own distinctive Japanese culture.
  • Guided Tours

    After studying so hard for the whole morning, you can take a break and see the real Kyoto with our guided tours that delve into the city’s history, culture, nature and much more.
  • Guest House

    We will clean and comfortable guest house to offer a good in order to enjoy a comfortable stay in Kyoto.
  • Public Transportation

    There would be no more attractive public transport in Kyoto than buses.
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