Words from the ICC Participants

Prof. Kentaro Hayashi


Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto


On behalf of all the academics in Kyoto, I would like to welcome you all to a “university town”! Kyoto has the highest student-population ratio among all the cities in Japan. Kyoto is also the birthplace of such cultural features as washoku (Japanese cuisine), kimono (Japanese clothing), sado (tea ceremony) and kado (flower arrangement). It is not just the old stuff that we are proud of. You may be surprised to hear that Kyoto is also the birthplace of some world renowned high tech industries. During your stay here, may I please suggest that you go and visit some of these enterprises?



Chu Pei Lin

Chu Pei Lin from Taiwan


On Working Holiday Visa in Japan


I first came to Japan as a student a few years ago. When I came back the second time last year, I found out about the International Community Club (ICC), a non-profit organization. The staff members of ICC gave me a valuable help in locating a nice cozy apartment in the neighborhood of Kiyomizu Temple. Some of them can speak foreign languages including Chinese, which really made me feel at home and welcomed. I understand ICC is starting Kyo-Clue for international visitors. I wish much success to ICC in this new program!



Christina El-saaidi

Christina --Middle East


A Student of Kyoto University

As a foreigner living in Japan, I often find myself in need for some information that only the local residents seem to know. Because I am usually busy studying, it is hard for me to go around and ask them questions. Then very luckily, I was introduced to ICC by a friend of mine at the university who was doing a voluntary work there. ICC not only is a big help for me getting information, but they also provide interesting learning opportunities like personal tutoring and cultural exchange events. The staffs are friendly enough so that I feel free to ask them whatever I like to know about living in Kyoto. I recently found out about ICC’s new program called “Kyo-Clue.” I understand it includes accommodation to short term visitors, which I think is wonderful. I wish you all the best in enjoying your stay through Kyo-Clue.



Nguyen Tien Dat


A Student of Kyoto Institute of Technology

I think Kyoto is the best place for you if you are interested in culture and history. Every morning, on my way to school, I go through Shimogamo-jinja Shrine, one of the 17 sites of the World Heritage located in Kyoto. I understand that Kyo-Clue offers the language lessons as well as cultural activities. I hope I can meet some of you at Kyo-Clue.






Bernadette Okuno

the Philippines

KPFC (Kyoto Pag-asa Filipino Community) coordinator

As a leader in our Filipino community and our church here in Kyoto, I find ICC such a big help not only for my fellow countrymen but also for other foreigners in housing, visa applications, etc. I am sure that you will be well looked after if you join Kyo-Clue. Since I live near Gion, from time to time I see maiko san (young women learning traditional dancing) and geiko san (classical dancing professionals) walking by. I know some tourists come to Gion, more precisely Hanami Koji and Nawate Dori, hoping that they run into maiko so that they can take pictures of them, or, if lucky, to have pictures taken with them! You yourself may wish to try that, too!

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